De-Lovely Wedding除了攝影,婚禮規劃和佈置也是我們的熱情所在。擅長策劃主題性強烈的婚禮,結合新人各別的需求,確保每場婚禮有完整而連貫一致的視覺設計,讓新人與賓客有深刻且獨一無二的體驗。我們有集合攝影,時尚,花藝的美感背景和強大的執行夥伴,一起完成新人理想中的婚禮。



"In the end, just like her photo masterpieces, it took numerous hours for MengLing to produce something extraordinary, but it only took a split of second for us to realize that we were working with someone who was truly the best."

”最後,就如她藝術般的攝影作品,孟伶不計心力時間創造出如此驚豔的婚禮佈置,但只花了我們不到一秒的時間就了解到我們把夢想託付給了最棒的人。“   - Zoe & Jack

"MengLing is a very professional planner, she has unique and profound understanding on aesthetics and wedding .......During the progress of wedding planning, MengLing gave me valuable suggestions from all aspects. The inspirations she offered were far better than the ones you'll find online. I'm so glad and fortunate that I gave up many local planners in England and choose MengLing as my wedding planner."   

“孟伶是一个对审美、对婚礼,都很见解很专业的策划。......。在婚礼的筹备过程中,孟伶从各个角度的建议都很有参考价值,提供的灵感也不是我能简单在网上看到的,因此我非常庆幸我放弃了诸多英国当地的策划而选择了她。”   - Isabelle & Yunlu


"When I saw you I fell in love and you smiled because you knew" - William Shakespeare